Tuesday, 1 November 2011

with all this power under your belt, you knowingly mocked the way i felt

thought i would start all over again as i accidently(!!) abandoned my blog (sorry sugar)

hoodie - new look
dress - new look
white under top - new look
leggings - new look
boots - british home stores
bag - new look
telling you where i got everything from makes me realise how many clothes i get from new look!!! (but they are amazing)

this outfit i wore to the city on the 23/10/11 when i was getting my jabs done for eygpt (my arm seemed to ache more when they lady said i was having them done that day to when she actually jabbed me - weird :/)
in more exciting news 3 months and 4 days til i go away to eygpt - woot woot :D

anyway i shall let you get back to your lifes... thank you for reading. much love, sarah xx
[the title is from the song replaced by kate mcgill AMAZING!!!!]

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